OPD Services

  • All Neurological complaints.

IP Services

  • Spinal Decompression procedures like Laminectomy, Discectomy.
  • Spinal instrumentation like ACDF, Lumbar pedicle screw fixation, C1-C2 fixation and CVTJ Fixation.
  • Surgeries for spinal injuries.
  • Surgeries for spinal GRD tumours and Congental anomalies.
  • Spinal epidural steroids for Lumbar radicular pain relief.
  • Minimal invasive spine surgeries.
  • Emergency surgical procedures for traumatic brain injury.
  • Micro neurosurgery for Skull base tumours.
  • Micro neurosurgery for facial neuralgias like Trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Decompressive Craniotomies for malignant infarcts.
  • Decompressive Craniotomies for large Intracerebral bleed and EVD placement if intraventricular extension present.
  • Endo-nasal surgeries for pitutary tumours.
  • CSF leak repair surgeries.
  • Post op spine/ cranial case follow up clinic.

Our Team

Dr. Boddapati. Rajasekhar

MS, Mch, Consultant

Dr.Ravindra Babu Abburi

MS, MCH, Consultant