Dr Sridhar Reddy S

Dr Sridhar Reddy S

MD,DM, Consultant

Degrees / Qualifications (Name Of The Medical School & University, Year Of Qualification)

  • MD General Medicine from RLJH, RGUHS in 2008.
  • DM Nephrology from NMC, NTRUHS in 2013.

Work Experience

(Sr, Asst Prof, Registrar, Jr Consultant And Consultant ) In Chronological Order With Year,Duration & Institute Or Hospital Worked.

  • MD General Medicine, As consultant in Mediciti Hospitals for 2 years.
  • DM Nephrology consultant since 6 years.

OP & IP Services Offered By Individual Consultant

OP Services Include:

  • Identification and management of all the stages of kidney disease (from earliest detectable changes in kidney function through end-stage renal disease).
  • Preventive health checkups for kidney disease.
  • Evaluate, patients with
    • AKI (Acute kidney injury).
    • CKD (Chronic kidney disease).
    • Glomerular disease (Nephrotic and nephritic syndrome, lupus nephritis).
    • ESRD (end stage renal disease).
    • Advanced hypertension management (with multidisciplinary team).
    • Kidney stones.
  • Evaluation and work up for renal transplant donors and recepient.
  • Primary precentive education about kidney disease and diet planning.

IP Services Include:

  • Management and treatment of AKI, ESRD, accelerated hypertension.
  • Management and treatment of electrolyte and acid –base disturbances.
  • Management and proteinuria and haematuria and anaemia.
  • Co-ordinate care and follow –up of patient’s with kidney disease associated with Diabetes, Hypertension and Cardio vascular disease.
  • Management of and treatment of complications from haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis.


  • Renal biopsy (Percutaneous needle biopsy of native and transplant kidneys) using real time Ultrasound guidance.
  • Percutaneous dialysis catheter placement under ultrasound guidance.
  • Access to all end-stage renal disease therapies including kidney transplantation, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • Haemodialysis (comprehensive dialysis services and chronic dialysis outpatient care).