Dr. Duggineni Mahesh Kumar

Dr. Duggineni Mahesh Kumar

MS, Orthopedic Surgeon

  • Clinical Fellowship in Spine Surgery
  • AO Spine Fellow (Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore)
  • Consultant Spine Surgeon.
  • Department of Spine Surgery

Degrees / Qualifications (Name Of The Medical School & University, Year Of Qualification)

MBBS – 2007-2013, Meenakshi Medical College & Research Institute, Meenakshi University, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu.
M.S., Orthopaedics – 2013-2016, Narayana Medical College & Hospital, DR.N.T.R. University of Health Sciences, Nellore.

Fellowship (Speciality, Institute/Hospital, Mentor)

  • Clinical fellowship in spine surgery under mentorship of dr.voleti surya prakash rao, medicover hospitals, hyderabad.
  • AO spine fellowship under mentorship prof.dr.s.rajasekaran, ganga hospital, coimbatore

Work Experience (Sr, Asst Prof, Registrar, Jr Consultant And Consultant)

In Chronological Order With Year,Duration & Institute Or Hospital Worked.

  • Senior resident – aug 2016 – aug 2017, department of orthopaedics, andhra medical college/king george hospital, visakapatnam.
  • Assistant professor – sep 2017 to april 2018, department of orthopaedics, asram medical college & hospital, eluru.
  • Clinical fellow in spine surgery – april 2018 to september 2019, department of spine surgery, medicover hospitals, hyderabad.
  • AO spine felow – ganga hospital, coimbatore.
  • Consultant spine surgeon – march 2020 to till date – ramesh sanghamitra hospital, ongole.

Poster/Podium Presentations, Publications (Name Of The Journal And Isbn Code)

  • Poster presentation : ‘a black disc – alkaptonuria of intervertebral disc’, in orthopaedic association of south indian states conference 2015, kodaikanal.
  • Paper presentation :
    1. Non-union of long bones treated with internal fixation and autogenous bone graft in orthopaedic association of south indian states conference 2015, kodaikanal.
    2. image intensifier guided percutaneous drilling of osteiod osteoma of l2 at instructional course in spine meeting 2019, mangalore.
  • Co-authoured : a chapter on surgical treatment of adult degenerative scoliosis – text book of spine surgery.

Conferences Attended

  • IGOF-2014 : INDO-GERMAN Orthopaedic Federation Conference, Hyderabad.
  • TRAUMACON-2015 : Conference On Orthopaedic Trauma, Bombay.
  • OASISCON-2015 : Orthopaedic Association Of South Indian States Conference, Kodaikanal.
  • SSAP-2016 : Spine Society Of Andhra Pradesh, Cme On Tuberculosis Spine, Guntur.
  • OASISCON-2016 : Orthopaedic Association Of South Indian States Conference, Guntur.
  • WORKSHOP 2016 : Medtronic Workshop On Pedicle Screw Fixation, Vijayawada.
  • WORKSHOP ASSICON : Cadaveric Pedicle Screw Workshop In Assicon-2017, Hyderabad.
  • ASSICON 2017 : Association Of Spine Surgeons Of India Conference, Hyderabad.
  • SSAP 2017 : Spine Society Of Andhra Pradesh, Cme On Thoraco-Lumbar Fractures.
  • AO SPINE 2018 : AO Spine Principle Course, Bombay.
  • IOACON 2018 : Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference, Coimbatore.
  • ASSICON 2019 : Association Of Spine Surgeons Of India Conference, Ahmedabad.
  • AO SPINE 2019 : AO Spine Advanced Course – Scolioisis, Bombay.
  • ICS 2019 : Instructional Course In Spine – Mangalore.
  • SSAP 2019 : Dilemmas In Lumbar Disc Prolapse – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Proffessional Affliations (Boards, Associations & Organisations)

  • Member of association of spine surgeons of india (ASSI).
  • Member plus in ao spine.
  • Member of north american spine society ( NASS ).
  • Member of spine society of andhra pradesh (SSAP)
  • Member of indian orthopaedic association (IOA).
  • Member of orthopaedic surgeons society of andhra pradesh (OSSAP).

Proffesional Expertise

  • I have exposure to various spine surgeries. I have assisted scoliosis, kyphosis correction surgeries along with pso, vcr and hemi vertebrectomy surgeries.
    i have independently done thoracic and lumbar fixation surgeries in traumatic and degenerative cases. I have also independently done anterior cervical decompression, fixation and fusion surgeries for cervical disc prolapse.
  • My special fields of interests are degenerative, traumatic, infections and tumours of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and deformity corrections.

Op & IP Services Offered By Individual Consultant

OP Services Include:

  • A TO Z conditions regarding spine problems which includes cervical, thoracic,
  • sacral and coccygeal areas.
  • Acute and chronic neck and low back pain clinics.
  • Cerical and lumbar pivd ( prolapse of intervertebral discs ) clinics.
  • Cervical opll ( ossified posterior longitudinal ligament ) & its complications
  • Traumatic spine – cervical, thoracic & lumbo sacral clinics.
  • Osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture clinics.
  • Rheumatoid and ankylosing spondylosis clinics.
  • Degenerative spine clinics include – spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc
  • COCCYDYNA clinics.
  • Deformity clinics – kyphosis and scoliosis.
  • Spine infections including tuberculosis, discitis and other chronic infections.
  • Tumours involving the spine

IP Services Include:

  • Minimally Invasive Laminectomy/Discectomy For Lumbar Pivd
  • Posterior Instrumented Cervical Decompression Laminectomy For Opll
  • posterior instrumented stabilization and fusion surgeries for thoracic and Lumbar fractures.
  • Kyphosis And Scoliosis Deformity Correction Surgeries
  • advanced surgeries including kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty surgeries for Osteoporotic vertebral fractures.
  • posterior stbilization and decompression surgeries for spondylolisthesis, Tuberculosis and spine tumours.
  • percutaneous, open and ct guided vertebral biopses for vertebral Pathologies.