General Surgery, Laparoscopy and GI Surgery

OPD Services

  • Treatment for abdomen related problems.
  • Treatment for breast and thyroid related problems.
  • Treatment for all other general surgery problems including cancers.
  • Endoscopy and Colonoscopy services.
  • Breast & thyroid related treatment.
  • Hernia related treatment.

In Patient Services

  • All gastro intestinal laparoscopy and open surgeries.
  • Surgeries pertaining to breast , thyroid varicose veins & hernias.
  • Services for proctology issues (fissure haemorrhoids … etc).
  • Bariatric surgeries.
  • Family planning services.
  • Management of Blunt and Penetrating injury to abdomen.
  • Conservative management for chest injuries.
  • Conservative management for cellulitis.
  • Conservative management for acute and chronic pancreatitis.
  • Therapeutic endoscopic procedures like banding for varices, foreign body removal, polypectomies.
  • Ultrasound guided procedures like pigtail for liver abscess, True cut biopsies.
  • Management of upper & lower GI bleeds.
  • Surgical management of soft tissue tumors.
  • Conservative and surgical management for diabetic foot.
  • Selective paediatric laparoscopic and open surgeries (Appendicitis, Intussusception, hernia, obstruction … etc).
  • Selective liver and pancreatic surgeries.
  • Management of parotid and submandibular gland diseases.